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The 6th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications

3-5 July, 2001



Hotel Reservation

Call for Papers

Sponsored by:  IEEE Communications Society
IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Simulation
Hosted by:  ENIT/ENSI, Tunisia
< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>


< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>Scope of the Conference

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>

The purpose of this symposium is to bring together researchers and developers from academia, industry and government to advance the scientific and engineering technologies of real-time computer and communication systems.

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>Continuing the tradition of this series of symposia, ISCCU2001 will provide an international technical forum for experts from industry and academia to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in the areas listed below. This year, special focus will be on the challenging issues related to the creation, management, dissemination, and communication of information. You are invited to submit a full paper, or a proposal for a panel, invited session, or tutorial, related to the following topics:

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>

Of particular interest are reports describing practical experiences and experimental results based on system building efforts.

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>Paper Submission Guidelines

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>

Papers should describe original work, and be 20 double-spaced pages (5,000 words) or less in length. All accepted submissions will appear in the proceedings published by IEEE. The deadline for submission is November 20, 2000.

< Hammamet, Orangers, Les>Paper submissions must be made electronically via the web, in either postscript or PDF format. Hard-copy or e-mailed submissions will not be accepted. To submit a paper please follow the submission guidelines at

For additional information contact the program co-chair: Professor Kevin Jeffay Department of Computer Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175 Phone: +1 919 962-1938 Email: Line

Important Dates (NEW Extended Deadline)

December 4, 2000 Deadline for electronic paper submissions 
February 20, 2001 Notification of acceptance 
April 9, 2001 Final camera-ready copy of manuscript due 


Conference Organizing Committee

General Chairs  H. Abdel-Wahab
Old Dominion University, USA 
C. Savolaine 
Program Chairs  Kevin Jeffay
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 
Ralf Steinmetz
Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany 
Steering Committee  H. Abdel-Wahab 
Old Dominion University, USA 

M. H. Sherif 

T. N. Saadawi 
City University of New York, USA 

A. Tantawy 
IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA 

Finance and Registration Co-chairs

Reda Ammar
University of Connecticut, USA 
Adel S. Elmaghraby
University of Louisville, USA

Technical Program Committee

H. Akimaru  Asahi U., Japan 
K. Al-Tawil  KFUPM, Saudi Arabia 
M. Ammar  Georgia Tech, USA 
J. Ash  AT&T, USA 
A. Bestavros  Boston U., USA 
R. Boutaba  U. Waterloo, Canada 
K. Calvert  U. Kentucky, USA 
R. Chang  Polytech. Uni., Hong Kong 
M. Daneshmand  AT&T, USA 
J. Diaz  U. La Plata, Argentina 
M. T. El-Hadidi  Cairo U., Egypt 
A. Ghedamsi  ENIT, Tunisia 
N. Georganas  U. Ottawa 
S. Goddard  U. of Nebraska, USA 
M. Gouda  UTexas, USA 
S. Guan  National U. Singapore, Singapore 
A. Jajszczyk  U. of Mining and Metallurgy, Poland 
A. Karmouch  U. Ottawa, Canada 
F. Kamoun  ENSI, Tunisia 
M. Karsten  Darmstadt U. of Tech., Germany 
A. Kujoory  Alcatel, USA 
I. Matta  Boston U., USA 
K. Mills  NIST, USA 
K. Mori  Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan 
H. Mouftah  Queens U., Canada 
H. Mueller  Siemens, Germany 
S. Papavassiliou  NJ Inst. of Technology, USA 
C. Perkins  Nokia,USA 
A. Pitsillides  U of Cyprus, Cyprus 
B. Plattner  ETH Zurich, Switzerland 
R. Popescu-Zeletin  GMD Fokus, Germany 
A. Puliafito  IIT, Italy 
I. Rhee  North Carolina State U., USA 
I. Saidane  ENSI, Tunisia 
D. Smith  UNC-Chapel Hill, USA 
G. Stassinopoulos  NTUA, Greece 
A. Tantawi  IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr, USA 
S. Tohme  ENST-Paris, France 
M. Ulema  Daewoo Telecom, Ltd., USA 
A. Vahdat  Duke U., USA 
J. E. Wieselthier  Naval Research Lab, USA 
A. Youssef  George Washington U., USA


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